Building Oraichain’s foundation: What’s next?

3 min readDec 7, 2020

Dear Oraichain community,

As you know, these last weeks have been quite a blast at Oraichain and we’re grateful for the growth we’ve had, the community we’ve been able to build and the support we’ve received along the way.

We’ve been working very hard to deliver key developments such as the launch of our vaults on, new AI strategies, the launch of the AI Marketplace with its first usable AI APIs, and many other projects we keep working on behind the scenes.

At this stage, we’re building the foundation of Oraichain and its suite of services. In order to keep delivering at a strong and rapid pace with high standards, focusing our energies efficiently is of utmost importance.

It might occur that me and the core team members will not be as present on telegram as we’ve been until now, this is because we need to be focused on building and developing Oraichain. Hope you can understand.

We’re beyond excited for the next few weeks to come, we have some fantastic surprises lined up leading up to Christmas and we can’t wait to share these with our community who we believe will welcome these with excitement and support.

I can’t give you all the details and exact timelines as things move fast and there are some confidentiality agreements in place but we are confident these updates will provide Oraichain with a stronger and ever growing presence in this space.

What I can tell you is these updates tackle critical areas for the growth of Oraichain (in no particular order):

1) Enabling better accessibility to ORAI tokens

2) Building on the stability and security of our platform and products

3) Setting stepping stones for the present and future of Oraichain with partnerships that help us scale faster

4) Developing and evolving our existing products and services

5) Spreading the word about Oraichain and what we can do for the Blockchain and AI spaces

Our community/investors’ interests is something we always have in mind. Get ready for some exciting weeks ahead, they will be the most significant ones in the short history of Oraichain.

Stay tuned to our official channels so you don’t miss these updates.


Dr. Chung Dao

CEO, Oraichain